9 winter date ideas

Does anybody else love going on dates with their husband/boyfriend? I love them! I am such a big fan of doing something fun and spending time with my husband. In the winter though, it is a little bit harder to do things because of the weather. For all of you lucky ones that have sun and warm days I’m sure it’s not a big deal. But for the unlucky ones, we need to get creative with the things we do, so we just don’t stay home during those cold days. Here are some winter date ideas when you feel like leaving the house and enjoying the city you live in with the person you love despite of the weather.

1.Go ice skating. This is such a fun activity and if you have the chance to go, you should definitely try it.

2.Build a snowman. I’ll admit it, I’m one of those people that when they see the snow falling they cry on the inside. But why not make it better, by building a snowman? Me and my husband did this one for family night and we had so much fun. If you get snow, why not enjoy it?

3.Go to a cabin. Going to cabins is so fun, you can do so many things when you are away from home. Going for walks, playing games, and watching movies are so much fun when you are in a cabin.

4.Go dancing. What better way to get some exercise in than by dancing? I am such a big fan of this once. I love to dance any chance I get and more if it is Colombian music. It burns calories while you’re having fun.

5.Have a winter inspired photoshoot. What can be cuter than boots and sweaters in a fun photoshoot? I love having these even though sometimes it means you will freeze, it’s worth it!

6.Warm up in a hot tub. Even though going to the beach and to a pool don’t sound like the best ideas, you can still have some fun in the water going to a hot tub!

7.Dinner and movie night. This is definitely my favorite date night idea for every season. I love watching movies, and more those that have a meaning behind it. So why not go to a warm place and enjoy a nice one?

8.Host a game night. Have fun with other couples and friends by hosting a game night and eating good snacks and treats.

9.Take a drive and watch the sunset. I love watching the sunset, but I also like staying warm. So what a better combination than doing both?

So get started on some date planning! Or show this blog post to your significant other 😉 thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely week!


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